A New Perspective

Today was a day full of surprises.  Due to some stupidity on my part, and some other things, I was up a lot last night and ended up oversleeping the boys by two hours.  They had not only not destroyed the house, they didn't even make much of a mess.  They did, however, find a sharpie.  Thing One had "painted" his nails, and given his brother a tattoo.  Not bad considering they had a completely free reign for two hours. 

Surprise number two: when I did get up I found a lovely and thoughtful "encouragement" card telling me that this pregnancy will not last forever.  It was attached to a pack of bacon!

Surprise number four (I'll come back to three):  we found a box on the doorstep (we'll never know why the mailman didn't knock) and inside was a brand-new, jungle print diaper bag and a gift card.  Our old diaper bag was ripped, and I'd been using a beach tote bag that was getting a little ratty looking.  And jungle print happens to be one of my favorite themes for new babies!

Okay, back to surprise number three,  and the point of this ramble; it was my reaction when I saw the bacon.  I was mildly excited about the thought of having bacon, but much, much stronger was my anticipation of the excitement that Thing One would have when he saw it, and what we were going to do with it.  He reacted exactly the way that I thought he would. And I experienced so much more joy sharing his happiness and excitement than I did at the thought of bacon for myself.  That's what shocked me--that I should be happier with my child's happiness than with my own. 

It's such a wildly different feeling from anything I've ever had before, and so natural a feeling.  It puts life into an entirely new perspective.  Not that my life is vastly different or has a new meaning, that all happened when I got married, and again when each child was born.  But it was one of those moments that emphasises the profound-ness of what it means to be a parent.  I don't think I can describe it any more than that. 

I know the real question that you're asking though, What did we make with the bacon?  Well, here is a picture, and here is the link.  I would suggest not using extra thick bacon, it tends to fold over from it's own weight.  Two large eggs with a splash of milk made four.  The eggs came out as some of the best eggs I've ever had, so light and juicy; and the bacon was too.  I could have cooked them for a bit longer, but they were good.  Next time I'll try some with mushrooms and onions, and cheese, too! 



  1. Oh my gosh that sounds soo good (especially with mushrooms and onions, and cheese.)!!
    Haha, boys! They can be real silly sometimes!!
    Well that's a day full of surprises! And there will probably be more to come!!

    1. We still lack mushrooms, but I added some sliced onions and sour cream, and topped them with shredded cheese. I'd also like to try some chives, or green onions.

    2. Wow that sounds really good!!! I really need to try this recipe sometime SOON!!! :D

  2. I've been thinking of you as your new baby is about to be born! I love the photo of your son! I've copied this recipe and will try it soon. It reminds me of a South Beach diet egg recipe...which used Canadian bacon. I'm sure this will be much tastier!

    1. It's so easy; today I cut the bacon and used it like a cupcake liner. I've also thought of using sandwhich sliced meats, also done like the cupcake liner. I need to find something else to eat with them so I don't eat the whole pan in one sitting.


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