Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fall adventures

It's bonfire season! Here are a few pictures from one of our earlier escapades. 

Princess Ellie ran headlong into the terrible two's, and hotdogs 
are one of the few things she still eats. 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Duct Tape: The New Saga, Coming Soon

Last week I posted this picture to the facebook page (Trucks and Teacups), and I was surprised by the resopnse it got. Almost a hundered people liked it--we don't have a hundered followers for that page. Based on that response I've decided that I will buy more tape and try a few more crafts; I think this time I'll get a dark blue (the boys picked the orange out specifically for their wallets). Here are the instructions that I used for these wallets--I will not be making my own duct tape instructions for you, sorry.


In other news, the kittens are about six weeks old, and becoming quiet adventurous. We are guessing that we have three males and one female, she being the most adventurous of the bunch. We've started introducing them to solid food, and letting them defend themselves against the kids. We plan on keeping one, and have a family at church who wants one. We have two more who need good homes if anyone is interested.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pumpkin Fun

There is a man who lives just up the road from us (actually, he's on the next road over, but directly behind the lady across the street--her daddy used to own the whole mountain and someone should chronicle the stories that she can tell), and last year he stopped by and gave us some pumpkins. He said that he worked in two 80-acre pumpkin fields, and went around delivering extra pumpkins to everyone. The kids named him The Pumpkin Man. 

This year he came back. The kids recognized him as soon as he climbed out of his car, and they ran to him yelling with excitement. I was pleasently surprised that after only meeting us once last year he remembered all of them.