Monday, January 9, 2017

A Request for Help

Family, friends, and community at large, I don't usually ask for this sort of help for my own family, but if you would take a little time to consider our new GoFundMe campaign I would be very happy! My wife and I are in desperate need of a new, reliable, not-falling-apart van that can hold all of us. If your heart is moved to donate towards that cause, I would be so grateful! Also, any sharing and reposting of this post and this campaign would also be much appreciated! God bless.

You can see the campaign by clicking here.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Cold and Cruel

Mothers are some of the most heartless people in the world. It's really not fair, if you want your children to turn out as decent people you have to be constantly denying them their hearts desires. There is a kind of horrible power in it; I can walk through my house and in one pass leave a wake of sorrow and despair. For instance:

"No, you may not have ice cream for breakfast."

"It doesn't matter if he looked at you, you cannot break his Lego's"

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Life Will Find a Way

Just a few pictures from our summer, and all the growing that happened. 

                  The first fruits of our garden.  Not a lot this year, but it was tasty.

Maximus and Minimum are really growing up. . .

My butterfly bush took some abuse this year, but it's still holding on.

A little rain helps everything grow. 

The kids smashed pumpkins in the yard last year, this year the seeds took off by themselves.
Unfortunately, a bear took off with the pumpkins.

Once the pumpkin vine gave up the flowers took over.