We, Nick and Zizi are two very odd people that got married for the odd reason that we actually loved each other. We now have two odd children, oddly close together in age. Our family is oddly poor, but rich in blessings from God and in the friends and experiences He has sent along the way.

We are also both oddly bestowed with a passion for good food and a desire to recreate it at home without breaking the bank. This has ranged from the unraveling of the mysteries of Asian cooking (which is a lot harder than it sounds) to the creation of fun desserts made from whatever happened to be lying around at the moment in large enough quantitites. So far, this cooking on the cheap and tasty has not been an impossible task, as the posts might suggest.  We have not gone bankrupt yet.

So we, Nick and Zizi, invite you to enjoy the culinary creations featured here in this little nook of the web and to take a peek into our kitchen life at the same time. We both cook almost an equal amount (habits from former pregnancies help that out) and we both have something to offer here. We try to offer some humor and background stories to some of these odd creations, because what's the fun of just looking at a list of ingredients and directions?

So, to quote the end of practically every post up here so far, "Enjoy!"

--Nick & Zizi