This is another recipe that I found on Pintrest (by the way, I'm changing the name of my food board to "Food Pantry Feasts" so there is some continuity), and I forget why I made it, but it ended up being a simple, protein and veggie packed delicious snack, or side dish.  And yes, with anything that I find on Pintrest and post here you will have to follow the link for the recipe.  More credit to the original authors and cooks! 

I did not have the panko crumbs, the Adobo spices or the Parmesan cheese.  I used regular bread crumbs, and they worked just fine; and I added some shredded carrots for color (and filler) and that also worked beautifully. I forget which spices I added, probably some sage and garlic.  This recipe reminds me a lot of the fish cakes that I like to make, except without the mayo (I think the fish needs the mayo to help hold it together), and a lot of people have commented that they either substitute or alternate the fish and zucchini (or use both!).