A New Thanksgiving

Through an odd twist of circumstance and Providence, Zizi and I are unable to travel and visit friends and family for Thanksgiving this year. It will just be me, my loverly wife, and two rambunctious sons at home this year.

This situation could not be left to stagnate in self-pity, however. We have come up with an Event for the Thursday known as Thanksgiving Day. This Event will be far different than anything we've ever done for Thanksgiving, and different from the way that anybody else does Thanksgiving too, as far as I know.

We realized that Thanksgiving Day has in many ways become all about getting the meal to the table before it gets cold, and obsessing a bit about whether the turkey was too dry, and getting out the nice silverware, etc. We want to change that dynamic this year. This year will be the celebration of the gifts of food and drink themselves that go into the making of a feast, and the bounty of the God above Who gave us not only the food to eat but also the creative power to fashion it the way we choose into beautiful and tasty dishes. We are doing away with the hassle of washing all the dishes and setting a fancy table, and instead making the cooking of the food into the Thanksgiving celebration itself.

The way this will work in practice is this: we will be shopping for the next couple days for raw ingredients for our feast. When Thursday rolls around, we will begin a day-long cooking festival in our kitchen where Zizi and I will alternate in creating new and fun and weird dishes from various ingredients. It will be our gift of thanks to God for giving us not only food and cooking talent, but also the kitchen we use to prepare those dishes and the roof over our head to keep us dry and warm while we do so.

Our Thanksgiving meal this year will last literally all day, while we cook and drink and pray and taste and listen to music and dance to the music. We will create strange new dishes and lots of familiar ones, and, of course, we will photograph everything for you to see! We will either have one long post or several smaller posts after Thanksgiving chronicling our forays into the wonderful world of the culinary arts on this very special day. And, if we're lucky, I can pull together a video of some of those proceedings and post that as well.

So, be prepared for Thanksgiving weekend for a barrage of new material on this blog as we go just a little crazy with our kitchen. And have a lot of fun in the process!

-- Nick


  1. GreAT photo! Your boys are getting so big. I bet Thanksgiving dinner will boost this boon. Enjoy the fun!


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