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I had a thought the other day. . . food products used for health and beauty. I started thinking how weird I was for using vinegar in my hair (it removes the build-up, but don't use it everyday becasue it promotes the natural oils and you'll end up with really oily hair). Then I thought about all of the other things that we use: oatmeal soaps, coconut butter lotion and even cucumber slices on our eyes (although no one can tell me what that's for). All of that is rather common and we're used to seeing those on grocery shelves.

My thoughts extended to the more obscure things I've used. Green tea with lemon in my hair, for instance, to give it blond streaks in the summer (lemon juice will lighten hair when exposed to sun). I did try it with raspberry tea to see if it would come out with red highlights; it didn't work too well and the effects come out with the next wash.

That led me to wonder: What do you, our dear readers, do? What are the secret food related things that you do for health and beauty? I'm interested to hear your tips and advice. Please leave a comment and let us know!



  1. I pampered with an oatmeal face scrub once, but that is not typical. I use lavender oil as a natural de-tangler on my hair. I used to scrub my face with fruits like pineapples. Using avocado on your face is good too.

  2. Apple cider vinegar can take the soreness out of sore muscles. Heat up the muscles, either add vinegar to hot bath or use a rice bag and rub on vinegar. Be sure to stretch out gently while muscles are still warm. The vinegar will also take the burn out of sunburn.

  3. I just LOVE this blog!!! And OH how I wish your blog had existed when I was a young wife and mother!!!! Now I am an old wife and mother and I still love your blog, ha ha.
    Ok, so, food-stuffs for health and beauty:
    Well, the cukes on the eyes are to reduce swelling and supposedly get rid of under eye circles.

    I use peanut butter to get gum out of hair sometimes.

    Baking Soda makes great toothpaste!

    Sugar can be used to make your own "sugar srubs" rather than buying expensive ones at the store! Here's a website address for a very simple recipe:
    You won't believe how SOFT this stuff makes your skin!!!!

    ONIONS have SUCH healing sister in law makes a syrup out of sugar and onions to "sip" for sore throats and coughs and it works like a charm.

    Also for same as above: a bit of honey, a bit of lemon, and a bit of whiskey makes a great cough/sore throat soother too.

    Thanks for this fun post!

  4. Yes, Judy, I told someone today that I wish I had this blog when I was a young wife and mother, but it is still fun!


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