Thanksgiving Appetizers

It was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and the house was full of food. I couldn't eat any of it because it was for the Thanksgiving Event, and I was hungry. Well, okay, it wasn't that I couldn't eat any of the food that we had, I just had to stretch my imagination and work with the limited stuff that wasn't for the Event. Despite the fact that I'm a good cook and can sometimes appear to make a feast out of thin air, I do struggle with the whole "working with the limited stuff [that we have]" thing.

Anyway. . . I had planned on having stuffed mushrooms for the Event, but I wasn't sure what I was going to stuff them with. Portabellas, and they had come with three in the pack. I only needed two. So I took one and then found a can of salmon. Or maybe I found the salmon first and then decided to take the extra mushroom. Either way, I made salmon cakes.

Then I figured that I could use the salmon cake batter to stuff the other mushrooms with. I added some cream cheese and sour cream in with the mushrooms and spooned some of it into the remaining portabella caps. I even ended up with a lot of cakes!

We baked the stuffed mushrooms on Thursday and topped them with shredded mozarella cheese. ( One thing I've figured out with my attempts at stuffed mushrooms is to put a small pat of butter in the cap before you put the filling in. It makes the mushroom come out with a light butter flavor that should compliment any filling. ) I ended up with a delicious, juicy and slightly filling stuffed mushroom. My best yet!