The Bad Streak

Argh. February is always a bad month around here, it seems.

It's just so cold all the time, first of all. It's been consistently in the twenties at night for the past week or two, and everything (especially my ears and nose) tend to freeze at those temperatures. I'm stupid enough to ride a motor scooter to work sometimes. Chilly.

Second of all there just never seems to be enough money floating around in February. To throw a horrible pun your way, perhaps my account has frozen. (Wow, that was bad!) It promises to be a pretty good year, but it's gotten off to a rocky start. My car has also been voraciously consuming my paychecks this year, not leaving a lot of cash for things like, oh I dunno, food?

But hey, nobody likes being down in the dumps for too long. And our motto and battle cry is "For poorer folks tired of eating just hot dogs." So I shall stick by that battle cry and proclaim to the world that we have not been beaten down! Zizi and I intend to impress this year even more than last year, with more delicious stuff you can make on a shoestring budget. We will also be including some recipes for food that are not quite so shoestring, just for the fun of it. Tax refund, here I come!

All of that said, is it ironic that I bought hot dogs today?

(Hey, hot dogs have their place.)

-- Nick