Birthday Cake!

The Amazing Omnivorous Child had a Birthday earlier this month. He turned two! (It hasn't really sunk in yet that I'm a mother and my first child is already two.) We had a party of epic proportions. Nicole and Nadine came for a visit, so we went for the works (as much as we could, and they brought a lot).

We had gone shopping a few days before and picked up a boxed cake mix (being less than a dollar and cheaper than getting flour, eggs, sugar and butter), and I let the Amazing Omnivorous Child pick it out himself. He chose Devil's Food Chocolate and insisted on carrying it around the store, saying, “Caye, caye, caye.” 

On Friday, the Party being on Saturday, I let him help me make the cake. He was nap-deprived, so it was a volatile afternoon. But Nick had picked out a pack of birthday candles. The Amazing Omnivorous Child had no idea what they were for, but he knew they were fun. He learned his colors that day, too!

The next morning, The Amazing Omnivorous Child woke up to balloons all over the house. That afternoon I decorated the cake. I'd forgotten how much I love working with pastries, breads and desserts. We put more than two candles in just because they're fun, and it was the first birthday for either boy (the Amazing Flying Child turns one this summer!) that we've used candles.

Nick made rice with beef and a white sauce, and after that we got down to the serious business of a party. Nicole made everyone Narnia's (a cocktail), and while Nadine made stuffed mushrooms Nicole made Bacon wrapped bleu cheese stuffed dates. WOW! As soon as I find a way to credit the source I might think about posting it (even though it's not a budget friendly food).

With the hors de'ouvers and drinks we played many rousing hands of cards. And exchanged belated Christmas gifts. All in all it was a most pleasant evening.


Maraschino Cherries
Birch Beer

2 cherries and a little juice in the bottom of a glass. 2-3 ice cube on top of the cherries, and a shot of vodka poured over that. Fill the glass up with birch beer. Enjoy the taste of winter, with the small hope of spring at the bottom of the glass.
Courtesy of Nicole!

–- Zizi