Devilled Eggs

I promised Nick that I would write this recipe up for you, and I'll tell you why it's so important to us. And, as we seem to have it very often I figure that it's relatively inexpensive.

There is one food that I can make that will fix any and every bad day. Take today, for instance (and please don't feel bad for us from reading this; I'm assuming that everyone has days like these). The Amazing Omnivorous Child wasn't eating what we'd given him—he wanted my food and threw a fit when I wouldn't give it to him. The Amazing Flying Child just wanted to be held, and screamed every time I put him down. I was upset because I'm getting a cold and I'd let the dishes get out of control, so I wasn't speaking. Nick couldn't figure out what was wrong, and couldn't fix it.
Then, at work, none of the equipment works the way it should; there were stupid shows on tv during Nick's break, and I suspect he is getting a headache. Compounded by the fact that he can't fix my bad mood, and the house feels too small, and we haven't had access to the internet for over a week. On top of all that, this month is just going to be tight because of when the bills and paychecks fall.

A typical bad day, and reading or sewing won't help, I pull on the one thing I have left. Cooking. The smallest, simplest, cheapest and most favorite of all of our foods that I can offer; something that won't take up too much of my time, and that I can leave if I need to and come back to. Deviled Eggs.

On a completely different track, it's an odd thing about marriage that I can do something for my husband and the act of doing it for him is what calms me down. Especially with the deviled eggs. I'm having a bad day and just want to take my book and run away. He is also having a bad day, and because I love him I want to make him feel better. I know that he's looking forward to getting off work and coming home. Having the eggs ready for him is a small surprise that comes out like a rainbow. Anticipating his pleasure at finding them and knowing that I've helped him is what pulls me into a better mood.

Here, I offer you the smallest measure of our good day. I hope you enjoy it.

-- Zizi

Deviled Eggs

A small note on boiling the eggs:
For deviled eggs you want them hard boiled. Bring the water to a rolling boil before adding the eggs, then let them cook at the rolling boil for 12 minutes. Then immediately drain the hot water and run cold water over the eggs till they are chilled. The idea is to stop the cooking process (which would continue if the eggs were left hot) so you don't end up with little rubber bouncy balls. If you peel the eggs within an hour they will not get that green tint around the yolk, but that is purely cosmetic.

The mixture:

I have never measured this out, so what I'm going to give you is as close an estimate as I can figure—I always eyeball it and hope it works!

1 tbsp mayonnaise to each egg yolk
squirt of mustard
dash of pickle juice
2 spoonfuls sour cream

Mix all of this with the egg yolks until you have a nice, creamy mess. Spoon (or pipe if you're fancy) into the egg whites. Sprinkle with paprika. Serve chilled.