Promised Pork

I don't have anything philosophical to go with today's recipe. So I think I'll paraphrase the sermon for this week. It was on the Beatitudes, and the only reason I have it is that Fr. Jim gives out an English translation (odd as the Spanish Mass is for those who understand Spanish).

The Beatitudes are all about happiness and unhappiness. We heard Jesus speak about all kinds of unhappiness and suffering. Poverty in Spirit, grief and mourning, humility, injustice and thirsting for justice, desire for mercy and the conflict of one's life.

What do people do when they encounter these things? They turn to God. They look inside themselves and ask God to touch the broken places and empty spaces in their lives. They realize each and every day that they are responsible for trying to be happy.

Perhaps Matthew's Gospel and the Beatitudes should read like this:

The really happy people are those who are inwardly free of possessions. For they leave themselves to God's peace.

The really happy people are those who allow themselves to experience grief, for they will better know how to comfort others and in turn be comforted.

The really happy people are not arrogant, for they are content that God has forgiven their sins.

The really happy people have a strong desire to do what is right, even if it is inconvenient; just knowing they have done their best.

The really happy people see all things with a clear unprejudiced eye, which means they appreciate God in all of His creation.

The really happy people work to bring about God's kingdom because they continually recognize and accept God's plans.

The really happy people are not ashamed when others see them as foolish for their beliefs.

The really happy people trust in God's promise of salvation. It will all work out. They will see God face to face.”

– Father Jim Gallagher

I fried the pork in butter and then added pineapple juice and Worcestershire sauce. I finished and removed the pork and thickened sauce with cornstarch.

We had mashed potatoes with garlic salt, sage and paprika; onions fried in lemon vinaigrette.
green beans, and pineapple slices on the side.

-- Zizi