The Continuing Bread Saga

We suddenly became very blessed throughout February. Our tax return came in, and I was able to purchase 25lbs. of flour, along with oatmeal, pasta and yeast. Katherine, after reading about our New Years Cheese Fondue, gave us her fondue pot which she wasn't using. When we went to pick up the fondue pot she also gave us her bread machine!

The first time I used the bread machine I had tried to convert my french bread recipe, and it was a not quite epic failure. I had a few days of hesitation while I waited for Katherine to send the manual, and eventually I called my mother for her recipe (the manual arrived that same day!).

Mom's bread recipe comes from Grandma, and from there I have no idea, probably her mother and so on. My mom converted the recipe to fit into a bread machine, and then over the years to suit her changing health needs. It's strange that I had to call her for the recipe, because I've grown up making it. I remember her first bread machine, and I've helped her figure out which things work best (like butter vs. oil—butter doesn't work in a machine). But it was an oppourtunity to call my mom and we talked for a while. Then I made the bread.

Grandma, and Mom, have always made this recipe as sandwich buns. I think I might be the first woman in our family to bake it as a loaf. Incidentally, the first time I did that was for Katherine's bridal shower.

The original recipe has probably been lost, as Grandma has converted hers to fit into her kitchen mixer. I give you the recipe as Mom gave it to me over the phone just now.


2-3 tbsp oil
1 tsp salt
1c warm water
¼ c warm milk
4 c flour
3-5 tbsp sugar
2 ¼ tsp yeast

This is for a 2lb loaf or two 1lb loaves, on the Basic/White bread setting. The inredients go into the pan in this order. There a lot of sugar because the sugar is what helps the bread to brown properly; Mom said to use brown sugar if you have it. You can use more or less milk if it suits you, the milk helps the yeast to make it rise.