Creamy Asian

I've told you that we recently bought a lot of dry food stuffs. And I do mean A LOT. 25Lbs each of flour and oat meal, 10lbs each of egg noodles and tricolored rotini, and a 1lb block of yeast. I've only just today realized that while we now have food in the house, we still need to go shopping for the perishable stuff. So Nick went to the store and bought broccoli, onions and carrots. We're still going to need to go out later and get more milk, eggs and butter. And sugar. I couldn't find bulk sugar at a price I liked without getting so much that I couldn't store it.

I felt somewhat rich tonight as I cooked dinner. I had enough of a variety of stuff to feel like I didn't have to stretch myself or the food. It was fun cook tonight in a way that it hasn't been in a while. So I decided to re-create something that I'd made earlier in the week and see if I could improve it a bit.

Nick had bought the broccoli, onions and carrots, and we already had a pack of mushrooms that needed to be used up as well as sour cream and a new bottle of soy sauce. I sauted the vegetables in oil and butter and seasoned them with garlic, ginger and honey. I tossed in some cooked noodles and finished with generous amounts of soy sauce and the last of the sour cream. I think I used a little too much sour cream, and I should have added some cayenne pepper. But it was good. I'm thinking next time I do a creamy asian thing I'll use rice.