Hotter Pockets

Nick made a thing the other night, and I'll let him tell you about them, but what he made had me recall a recipe given to me by my godmother, Sandi. The recipe is titled 'Gloria's Kraut Burgers' for her friend, Gloria, who gave it to Sandi. The gist of it is that it's ground hamburger and sour kraut wrapped in dough and baked (I can't remember the exact recipe).

We recently took a weekend trip up to see friends and family and I decided to combine the two recipes for some travel food. Nick bought the ingredients and on Friday I set to work, baking and packing.

The ground beef was 75/25 lean to fat, and I used the grease to fry the onions and mushrooms—which I cut in a rough chop rather than a fine dice (like Nick did). I seasoned it with LOTS of sage, some garlic, paprika, salt&pepper and a little ginger. When the onions and mushrooms were done (I had added them to the beef just before it was done and let them finish cooking together) I added three small spoonfuls of cottage cheese and three large spoonfuls of sour cream. Then I turned the heat off.

I opened a can of biscuits, the pre-made dough kind that you just place and bake. I rolled them out flat and put a few spoonfuls of the beef mixture in the middle. Then I pulled the edges up and pinched them together. They baked according to the directions of the biscuit can. I, myself, don't like a lot of dough at the bottom, so I shaped some of them as rectangles to thin that out. They came out like "Hot Pockets", and were really good. The sage and cottage cheese really added something to the beef.

Happy Cooking!