Spinach Casserole

I forget what I was thinking that I'd write to go with this recipe. I should probably update you on the antics of our children.

The Amazing Omnivorous Child still eats much and often. His interests are beginning to branch out in other areas though. He has many toys, and enjoys playing with them. Every toy is either a boat, car or plane—even the dinosaurs. He received a set of building blocks for Christmas and a car rug for his birthday (both of which we just recently picked up) and we've been having fun building ramps and hosting monster truck rallies. He also helps me cook a lot. We made cookies today. Right now he is sitting on my lap, munching on a carrot and sounds very much like Bugs Bunny. Except for the adoring looks he turns to give me every other minute.

The Amazing Flying Child has taken off and now chases us around the house. The motivation for his flight came in the form of a bowl of carrot sticks that The Amazing Omnivorous Child was carrying around. The carrot sticks were dropped and the Amazing Flying Child was suddenly there. The Amazing Omnivorous Child was so distressed that his brother had gotten his carrots that he just stood there and screamed. I picked up the carrots and from then on, The Amazing flying Child has been chasing people who have food or are stupid enough to sit on the floor with books or cameras.

On to the food:

1 onion
5 mushrooms
1 pkg spinach ( I used frozen chopped spinach)
1 pkg egg noodles
2 cans COMS
provolone cheese

I fried the onion, mushrooms and spinach in a wok, then added the cooked egg noodles. I mixed in both cans of COMS. I should have ( and strongly recommend that you do) layered it in a casserole dish, topped with provolone cheese and baked for 10 minutes or so. As it was I just served it up with the cheese on top. It was really good, except that I had overcooked the noodles.