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Pumpkin Buttermilk Scones
I've been buying sugar pie pumpkins over the last few weeks. Right now I have seeds roasting in the oven, and pumpkin meat in the blender. Not that I really knew what to do with a sugar pie pumpkin when I bought it; but I decided that this year I would do the pumpkin thing from scratch. So I did what any of you would have done—I googled it. After looking here, here and there (I think) I had a general idea of what to do with my pumpkin. 

What you want to do is cut your pumpkin in half and take the seeds and veins out. I washed my seeds and set them aside to dry so I could roast them later. Then you will place your pumpkin—cut side down--on a baking sheet or shallow cake pan and bake it for a while. The time will depend on how hot your oven is and how big your pumpkin was. The pumpkins I bought were about the size of Thing One's head and baked for about thirty minutes. After the thing comes out of the oven and cools down, you scrape the meat out (or remove the skin, whatever your preference is) and puree it. With both of my pumpkins I had over-baked and had to add water while I blended it. After all that, what you do with your pumpkin is only limited by your imagination!
Fresh Pumpkin

The first think I did with my pumpkin was to make pumpkin pancakes. I'm sorry I didn't get pictures (and I'll try to remember to get some this time before I post this!). They were good, if a little bland. I just added about 2/3 cup pumpkin, cinnamon and nutmeg to my standard pancake recipe. I'm under the impression that the bland flavor came from the pumpkin itself. They do say that a standard can of pumpkin had additives like butternut squash that enhance the pumpkin flavor. Who knew? Anyway; the pancakes were good with just some butter, and maybe some sugar sprinkled lightly on top.

My next project—no, I'll save that story for my next post. I'll do pumpkin seeds then, too!

So now I come to the crowning glory of my pumpkin creations, so far. And this one isn't even mine. The only thing I can take the credit for is finding the recipe (look here!) and providing the pumpkin.

My family is visiting for a few days, and I've had this sugar pie pumpkin decorating my table for a few weeks. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to put the two together. And everyone helped! My dad cut the pumpkin and my brothers removed the seeds and veins. I baked and pureed it; and my littlest sister baked it. I pulled up this page and had her make these scones while we worked on dinner. I did stop writing to take a few pictures, and I'm eating one while I finish this post. They are good! I'm imagining having one with an hot cup of coffee, but sadly I am out. Thing Two is asleep in my sister's lap, and Thing One is still running around in circles, but everyone else is relaxing in the living room.

Thing One and Thing Two, with Granny, Pappy,
Uncle Tron, Uncle Frankie and Aunty M.
So yes, the title I have chosen for this post fits. In a modern, bohemian sort of way!

Buona Notte, my friends! I'm going to get another scone. . . .



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