Sigh, Illness Recovery--Ugh!

Pure Potential!
Well, I did it again.  I'm so used to not having meat that I completely forgot about the package of chicken until it went bad.  Oh, well.   There was a virus of some kind going around, and it seemed to hit me the worst.  Or maybe it only felt that way because I'm the "mom" and I keep the rhythm going in the house.  The boys and I all got mild fevers and sore throats, and I had the mother of all headaches.  Nick was so wonderful when I was collapsed and came home from work twice to start the world moving again!

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Now I'm trying to get things back into some kind of order.  Not much cleaning got done last week and I've a lot to catch up with.  And I'm trying to get the boys out of the house so they can get some fresh air and burn off some of this pent up energy they've developed.  So now it's ten-thirty at night, and dinner still isn't made.  And I'm woefully behind on my dolls.  I'd planned to make the St. Joseph figure for the Nativity Scene tonight, but there was too much to do.  But my dishes are mostly all done, and half of the laundry is clean--and put away! 

I realized something, to be a true domestic goddess, one has to be able to fix her own vacuum cleaner.  Even if she doesn't have to, she should be able.  I took the detachable brush apart to see why it wasn't working; I'm not sure I ever found out why, but somehow I fixed it.  Now the vacuum just has to charge, and I can eventually do my floors!

Do you think it's odd that I write about dinner and then post it in time for brunch?  I just realized that that's what I do.  If I include a recipe then you've got some time to think about it before you have to start dinner, so I guess that's good.  Maybe I should do more stuff about cookies, and breakfast foods? 

Random, cute kids!
I need to go mash some potatoes; so here is a really cute picture to compensate for the length, and the lack of a recipe!  Ciao, all!