Family Reunion--Day Seven!

He's been having the time of his life!
Well, we're surviving each other.  We are starting to get kind of tired, though.  This is the longest that my younger sister and I have been away from our husbands, and back home, since we moved out.  And we have underestimated some of the changes that have happened in that time.  Not that it's bad, we've just forgotten how much energy it takes to be around this many people for this long.  So please forgive me if this post is rather short, and if I don't get around to posting anything on Friday. 

I thought I'd give you the link (follow this link) for the recipe that my sister used for the pork chops we had on Saturday.  She had to alter it somewhat, as Mom didn't have all of the spices that it called for, and she was doing twice as many chops as the recipe says.  But I thought they were really good.  I've come to like my food a little salty, and I thought the pork chops were about perfect.  As sides we had cheesy mashed potatoes and sugar snap peas. 

They were playing this game to see who could jump the
highest.  Yes, that is a lint roller. 
I made fried rice for myself for dinner tonight.  And, as my mom has grape seed oil, rice vinegar, sunfflower seeds, garlic cloves, olive oil and a green pepper, I added those to the onion and soy sauce that I generally use.  My sister and I had bought some avocados when we went shopping for the week, and I chopped one and put it in after I had turned the heat off.  It's good, although I would recommend light olive oil.  The dark oil is about the only thing I can taste. 

Thing Two is at my elbow crying for some food and some mommy time.  The poor boy might be all funned-out. 

Ciao!  Zizi