Family Reunion--Days Four and Five!!

I was a little out of it on Friday after my appointment with my mom's Muscular/Skeletal Pain Therapist, and didn't take any pictures that day.  Which is okay, nothing really happened; we were all still a little travel weary, and the kids were too wired, for any of us to really do anything. 

By Saturday we were more on top of things.  We actually made lunch, and then my younger sister and I went out to get a few things for the weekend.  We took our youngest brother with us, and he was sweet enough to buy us some candy.  We also stopped at a coffee shop to get coffee like we always used to do.  It's not the same. 

Saturday evening we just sort of chilled and did girl things with our youngest sister.  It started with a conversation about hair, and me realizing that if I wanted my hair to look good, I'd have to spend more time on it than I do now.  So I curled my hair.  And then (and Mom had asked me to do this before she left!) I worked on my youngest sister's hair.  Auntie M is growing up, and she decided she wanted something different.  My sisters and I do have a habit of making these change-of-life hair decisions when our parents are gone.  Sorry, Dad. 

She does look much more grown up, and it's really cute!  M is taking the growing up thing really well; and she's a lot like Dad--she won't say much about how she's feeling.  So I'm glad we got her out enough to have this girl time.  It's good for her, and us.

Thing One and Thing Two are just ecstatic about having people to play with, and space to run around in.  I haven't seen much of them this week, except to change diapers.  They're also too excited to eat properly, and missing Nick really badly.  So they've been a little odd, especially when they get tired. 

                  My older sister came over that night with her family for movies, caramel apple and world domination.  Now the M's hair is shorter, they look a lot alike!

The world domination is a big thing when the guys all get together.  It looks like a really fun game (Risk), and I wish I were good at it, but we girls all had fun catching up.  It was also another opportunity for all four of the grand-kids to play with each other.  My sisters kids are too young to really play with other children, and Thing Two is too young to really care about people that little.  But Thing One is another matter entirely!  He has adopted my younger sister's boy, and proposed to my older sister's girl!  I've never seen a child so young be as affectionate, kind and considerate of another person, much less a younger child, as he is.  

 My younger sister's boy, with Auntie M and his godfather. And with his mother, below.  

We didn't really plan the weekend out too well, and were left scrounging for food at the last minute.  The bread didn't turn out.  Mom has been having trouble lately with her bread, and asked us to see if we could make it work while we were here.  We'd planned on having sandwiches on Saturday night, but the bread was too heavy and flat.  So we ended up getting pizza instead.  Pizza and caramel apples. 

We had a lot of fun joking about our up and coming line of apple products!  Incidentally, we melted too much caramel, and were stuck wondering what to do with the leftovers.  I can never remember having leftover caramel, or if we did, what we did with it.  Our problem was solved when it burned while we wondered.  The guys went back to conquering the world while everyone one else watched  a movie. 

The night ended with many sleepy and sticky people!

We somehow managed to get up in time for mass on Sunday, and one of the brothers made a very good brunch when we got home.  After changing, and some down time for the kids, we went over to my older sister's house for leaf fun.  Their apple tree had been blown over by that October snowstorm, and my brother-in-law was burning it; as well as burning some bushes a neighbor had cut down.  Two of my brothers a junior fire-men, and they were having a blast controlling the fire. 

                                                       And holding little people!

Thing Two had fallen asleep on the way over, and just wanted to be held when he woke up.  It took him a while to really warm up to the idea of jumping in a pile of leaves.  But once he was awake and running around, we couldn't keep up with him. 

Thing One, having the time of his life chasing his favorite uncle through a pile of leaves.  What you can see at the right of the photo is not even half of the pile, it was so large! 

I didn't get very many pictures of the fire, and the roasting of hot dogs and marshmallows.  The lighting wasn't very good.  Besides the boys getting tired and hard to keep an eye on. 

We all had a lot of fun together.  It really reminded me of the family reunions we've had when I was little and we just met the extended family at a campground.  Everyone together, roasting something, children starting to run down . . . .  This is the stuff that memories are made of (if I may be so cheesy).

And despite how tired the kids all were, and how late they went to sleep, they still managed to get up before their mothers, and have an unlimited amount of energy!