Family Reunion--Days One and Two!

My sisters and I, and our first-born children.
It is my grandmother's seventy-fifth birthday in a few days, and my parents decided to fly home for the celebration.  I was to come and watch the kids for the week; and my sisters would come and hang out and we'd make a party of it.  However, we have no plans to drape the house in crepe paper and spaghetti. 

My next few posts will most likely be a series of picture posts detailing our adventures.  This first picture was taken at my place, before we drove to Mom's and Dad's.  It is a re-creation of a picture that was taken almost thirty years ago, of our mom, her sister and sister-in-law all nursing their first-born children. 
The bottom of the Blue Ridge Valley, VA. 
I took this one for my brother, Joe, who is stationed in Okinawa; and he's coming across as being a little homesick.  He's so young still, and discovering that the Marines are not all Blood-n-Glory, that someone has got to wash the dishes.  I love the Marines, and I'm so proud of my brother for what he's doing.  He just needs to "feel the love" that we all have for him.  Ooo-Rah! Joe!

These are my sisters babies.  They were born a month apart at the end of spring and this is the first time they've met.  We had stopped for lunch along the way, and the thermostat was broken in the restaurant and we were all freezing. 
Thing Two loves hats!
Pappy loves to buy toys for the grand kids!
There has been so much fun and excitement, it's almost been too much.  Thing One has been too busy playing to eat, and he hasn't slept so well either.  But then, who sleeps well their first night in a new place?  Well, all that much fun led to an inevitable crash . . . .
His youngest uncle was so wonderful, and sat with him, and read to him, and told him stories until he fell asleep on Granny's bed.  The poor boy slept for three hours! He's not napped at all for weeks, and not that long for months.  I was so happy!
The best part so far has been picking up the uncles at the firehouse, where they volunteer as junior fire-fighters.  Thing Two loved that there was so much space to run around in, and hats to put on, and things to point at. 

But it's only the end of the second day, and we've got so much planned--there is even a hint of leaf piles and roasted marshmallows!

And yes, I will be working on the Magi for my Nativity Scene while I am here.  Let me re-cap that for those who've missed it:  my Etsy shop will be on vacation to participate in a craft fair at church, and I will be doing a raffle at the same time.  The first prize is a Nativity Play Scene (thus the aforementioned Magi), second prize is a Priest and third prize is an Angel.  Pictures of them are in my previous posts, and more will follow.  I've got a button on the side bar here so you can purchase tickets online, and the prices and options are in the drop down menu.  So, that's all  of that. 

I have a chiropractic appointment in the morning (courtesy of Mom) and we get to babysit the granddaughter all day.  There should be some awesomely cute pictures by the time I post again on Monday.

Ciao! Zizi

P.S. Mom, you're going to have to come home to get your copies of these pictures ;P