Fried Zucchini, and Chicken.

I made dinner! I'm so happy about it that I just have to share it with you; besides it was really good. 

Nick got chicken breasts, mushrooms, zucchini and green beans when we went shopping the other day--his only stipulation was that I leave half of it all for him to cook with.  Except the green beans, those we got for Thing One; he eats them raw (so do I, for that matter).

I cut up my half of the chicken into nugget things slightly larger than how they serve it in Chinese resturants and fried that in a little oil with salt and pepper.  When it was nearly done I blanketed each peice with a generous amount of hummus and topped that with slivered almonds. 

While the chicken was cooking I had some green beans and carrots par-boiling in some water; when I took the chicken out I just put the beans and carrots into the pan.  Some of the hummus had fallen off the chicken and made a wonderful almost-sauce for the beans.  I also tossed  some sliced mushrooms in with them. 

I think the mushrooms turned out to be my favorite part, aside from the fact that we had chicken.  Oh, they were so good.  I had to stop myself from frying up the rest of them;  Nick sounded like he wanted some.  I also fried the zucchini.  That's another one of my favorite summer foods.  I coated the zucchini slices in flour and fried them in oil.  I think I ate the whole thing by myself, Thing One was interested until he tasted one. 

Now I'm sitting here with Thing Two on my lap, and dessert of coffee and the cookies for ice cream sandwiches (my mom found just the cookies and I took a bag home).  We're just chilling until Nick comes home.

Bon Appetite!