Advent Reflections

A priest once told me that during Advent we should think on the Four Last Things, namely Death, Judgement, Heaven and Hell.  He said that that was part of the symbolism of the Advent candles; that each candle (and its corresponding week) was to to symbolize each one of the Four.  The pink candle, being a much softer and more joyful color, was for Heaven, to remind us of the hope we have and ever joy we will have when we get there.  Father said that it really was fitting to think on death while getting ready for Christmas because to really and fully prepare for the coming of Christ we must be ready for all that death means.

Nick and I have had these thoughts brought home to us this Advent; some of you may know that Nicks grandfather died the day after Thanksgiving.  We miss Grandpa, of course, but we are not saddened by his death.  Nick says the best way to describe Grandpa is that he was like a leaf. He lived his life according to its seasons, and with his face always towards the sun. 

I'm not sure how to wrap this up, so I'll borrow Nicks line: be aware.  Be aware of where you're going and what you're doing. And Merry Christmas!


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