More on Chicken

I made this wonderful dish a few weeks ago, and it was very good.  I'm getting better about cooking chicken when we have it in the house. 

I had cooked this package of chicken all at once and put half aside for later (this post is about the later).  I cooked it diced with salt, pepper and garlic.  Thing One ate almost half of the whole pack that night. 

Anyway, the next day I fried a sliced onion and some spinach in butter.   Then I added the rest of the chicken.  I may have had mushrooms, I forget; I know I had black olives.  I stirred in some sour cream and Swiss cheese near the end.  Then I served it over fried potatoes.  It was good.  I would have been better with some more expensive things like goat cheese!  Oh well.  I suppose by the time we can buy goat cheese we'll have changed the name of the blog!



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