Big Boy Birthday Celebrations!!

Thing One turned three!!  We had much fun on his birthday.  Nick and I were unsure of what to get him until we actually went shopping the day before his birthday.  Then I happened to see a toy, sitting alone on the self.  It was a Buzz Lightyear, with a spaceship.  I remembered that Buzz is one of his favorite characters, so I showed it to Nick.  He got it without question. 

Keeping him occupied so Nick can look at toys.

Well, that turned out to be a good gift. He's been running around, flying it and shooting things with its missile (which is now lost), and yelling, "Buzz Lightyear, Space Reindgeer!"

I'm not sure what a "space reindgeer" is, but
it looks like fun.

I'm rather proud of his cake this year, for a few reasons.  The first is that, even though it is a boxed cake, I got it for less than a dollar because it had fallen and the box was bent.  I figure that was better than buying the flour, sugar, oil and eggs that we were out of.  Besides, it was a red velvet cake--for less than a dollar, how could I pass that by?

Thing One, like most of the population, has a thing for Angry Birds.  It is a very fun game, and even at three years old, he can play it.   I didn't have all of the icing that I wanted, and I didn't have any bags/tips to do the detail work.  I spread the frosting on with a spoon, and used a fork to help put the eyes in place.  If any of the folks at Rovio happen to see this, you must admit that Angry Birds really does lend itself to cupcakes. 

We had to have the birthday celebrations rather early in the morning, as it was the first day for Nick to go back to work after the new year's vacation.  So this was breakfast for some of us.  I had to get up and eat something earlier, and Thing One was up with me, so I insisted that he have something too.  Thing Two never did eat the icing.

And so, my little man, Happy Birthday!  We love you, and we couldn't imagine life without you. 

Here they come, covered in baby powder and dripping wet.