Counting my Blessings.

Thing One cutting some food for dinner.
 I do apologize in advance for any lack of posting, or frustration that any lack of posting over the next few months may cause you.  I'm still trying to figure out how to write on a schedule--which is not easy while trying to keep up with two small boys.  I expect it to be pretty hard while being pregnant on top of the chasing two small boys.  I have never been good with routines while pregnant. 

But, this pregnancy is going much, much better than either of the last two.  We're nearly half way through the first trimester, and I haven't really been sick.  I've just been exhausted.  And I'm even dealing with that okay, so long as I take things slow.  Yes, that means I don't wash all the dishes every day, or clean up the toys at night--but I never really did that on a regular basis anyway, so not much has changed. 

Thing Two and Uncle W. playing the Rhapsody in Blue.
My flowers.
What has changed is the fact that I have not been able to change any diapers.  Which is really hard on all of us.  But Nick has been absolutely amazing over the past few weeks.  He has been cooking two out of every three meals, and changing almost all of the diapers.  He started doing this without my asking for help, and he hasn't complained about doing any of it.  He's also been putting the boys to bed every night.  I know that he's tired when he gets home, and sometimes all he wants to do is sit with me and chill, but he spends time playing with the boys before he changes them, says prayers and puts them to bed. 
And, on top of how wonderful (and helpful) all of that is, he brings me flowers, and buys me curly fries (they got eaten too fast to get a picture) when I ask for them.  Yes, he gets me potted flowers, so that if I really want, I will have the biggest flower bed on the street in a few years.  This is the second pot of primroses I've gotten, the other one was pink teacup roses. 

They say to count your blessings; I start with Nick, and sometimes just can't get any farther.  I love you, Darling, more than I can ever tell.


  1. You two are cute. You realize I don't use that word lightly, right? But it is a very good thing for you to be. It's a heroic kind of cuteness.


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