The End of Steak

I've been meaning to write all week and tell you what I did with the last of the steak that I bought last week, but things fell apart over the weekend.  Thing Two had been sick all last week, and by Monday I was wiped out and needed some time to recover.  So I never got around to writing.  And very strangely, despite how things have been going today, I've been up and working, and feel up to writing. 

I think the majority of Thing Two's sickness last week was due to stress.  Yes, one-year-olds can get stressed out.  I'm trying to wean him so that I've got enough nutrients for myself and the baby, and I think I went to hard on him last week.  That, and he picked up on my stress.  But we've now settled into a new routine; and he realizes that he doesn't need to eat every two hours.  So it's getting better. 

I was sick twice this week, and I remembered why I'm trying to get through this pregnancy without getting sick.  It's so hard to start eating again after I get sick.  I tend to get into a downward spiral, and the first time I ended up in the hospital.  Of course, there were also other circumstances involved with that one.  But this time I'm doing well with my stomach, and just need to work on the sleep. 

Anyway, enough of our life, now for steak!  I'd bought the strip steak, "for stir frying" and turned that into sandwiches; this steak was chuncked, "for stews" and I fried it.  I let the steak fry in it's own juices and seasoned it with salt, pepper, garlic and a touch of cayenne pepper.  I did add some oil with the broccoli, and some more salt and garlic.  I finished it with soy sauce, and served it with mashed potatoes.  I was sort of going for a beef&broccoli type thing.  I think I got it pretty close, although potatoes weren't really the thing to serve it with.  It would have gone better with rice, or noodles. 

Bon Appetite!


  1. That looks delicious! hope the little guy feels better. It's rough growing up, even if you're only just starting.

  2. Mashed potatoes are always awesome. Always! Back me up, Tony boy!


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