Guess What?...More Steak!

This week Nick decided that we were not going to buy the big bag of frozen chicken that we've been getting.  He wanted more red meat.  So he bought some ground hamburger, strip steaks, crab meat and hot dogs.  I had thought he had something in mind for each of them, and wasn't feeling the greatest earlier, so I held off on cooking any of it for a few days.  But then I realized I was being silly, and he'd bought it to be cooked.  So I started with the steak.

There was a nifty peel-off label on the package with a recipe on the back that looked really good.  It was for a sweet steak with onions thing, and called for much cayenne and brown sugar.  We don't have brown sugar.  So I improvised.  I cooked the steaks in butter with onions and mushrooms, and seasoned it with salt, garlic and sugar.  I was surprised that there were six steaks in there, but that was good.  I sent two to work with Nick today, served over a bed of rice.  One I cut up for Thing One, and he liked it.  I ate one served on a bed of fried cabbage (!!), and Nick had the other two when he got home from work last night. 

I made bread today, but instead of shaping it into two loaves, I made one loaf and nine knotted rolls.  I added cheese, garlic, sage and dill to the dough before I started the machine.  The cheese melted into the dough, which I didn't expect, but oh well.  It smells really good. 

This is me and Baby, at nine weeks along.  Everyone thinks that I'm either farther along than I say, or that we're having twins.  I can refute both of those thoughts with a few simple statements.  I'm part German, and very prone to being (or becoming) round and fluffy.  I stopped exercising nearly completely last year, and was already a little round, so when I got pregnant my body just let everything loose as soon as it could.  On the other hand, I got to pull out my maternity clothes, and I remembered how comfortable they are.  And, I think I'm feeling the baby kick already!  I know some will say that it's really early, but I've heard that the more you have the more sensitive you are to those things.  So I will say, Baby had the hic-ups the other day! 

Here comes Thing Two, needing a nap.  Life goes on!


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