The Odds and Ends of a Weekend

 I must offer an apology to my mother, for yet another thing that I finally understand now that I'm older.  When I was younger, she was always taking us to Arby's and getting roast beef sandwiches.  I never new why, and I came to dislike dry roast beef on a dry bun with no sauce or au jus of any kind.  A few years ago I figured out why.  She was pregnant; and there is absolutely nothing that can compare to even a plain roast beef sandwich when you're pregnant.  

I learned to love roast beef sandwiches when I was working at the Yellow Brick Bank (see Zizi-ology) and learned how to make it right.   The chef would start by making the roast, he'd take the beef and surround it with various vegetable, and then bake it for ten hours.  The next day he'd take the whole thing apart, the veggies and half the stock went into soups, and I sliced the beef for sandwiches.   We'd toast a hoagie roll and slather it with horseradish mayo, top that with warm beef and caramelized onions and put a small cup of warm au jus (beef stock) on the side. 

 So, now I'm pregnant again, and craving roast beef sandwiches.  And other foods filled with protein.  I made hummus earlier this week (recipes here and here), and I've been having that on tortillas with some sour cream.  It came out rather sweet this time, and made a lot more that one bag of chick peas normally does (I think because I left the water in).
 Nick also bought some steaks this week!  And I had steak with spinach!
We also got a can of ham.  Like you buy tuna in a can, they have ham like that, and it's real ham, too.  So I made ham salad!  It was simple, diced onion, diced hard boiled egg, the ham, mayo and sour cream, and a dash of pepper.  I've been having that on tortillas with cheese and lettuce.  I love lettuce on sandwiches and wraps. 

Well, Nick just got home, and we're about to go out.  Happy Cooking!


  1. You make me want to make deviled eggs now. MMmmmmmm protein. . .


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