Sandwich Fixings

There once was a most excellent man, who gave his pregnant wife some money and told her to buy whatever food she was craving.  That week the man and his family enjoyed bacon, garlic bread, steak sandwiches, bacon sandwiches, teryiaki nori and ice cream bars--while still having one more package of steak in the fridge. 

It has been a good week, and I feel like I've had enough to eat.  I was kinda going for a philly cheese-steak sub, but I forgot to get cheese and the steak was cut to big.  But it was good, and cheap.  The pack of steak was thin cut for stir-frying (that cost less than $2.) and I cut it into strips.  I fried those with some onion slices, salt & pepper, and worcestershire sauce.  I served it on warm garlic bread.  And I was too hungry at the time to think about taking a picture, sorry.

I did get a picture of the bacon sandwich, though.  And the bacon was on sale, too!  Just two slices, with lettuce, mayo and mustard.  I wish we'd have had a tomato, but I didn't get one.  I wasn't thinking too clearly when I went shopping, I just new that I needed bacon, steak and nori, and the ice cream was also on sale. 

But it's been good, and I've enjoyed eating this week.  We'll see what happens next week when there's no beef left.  Ciao!


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