Cooking for Kids

I wanted to get something written and up before the weekend actually started so that I wouldn't leave you hanging like I have been on Mondays.  But dinner isn't done yet; I'm making a chicken and rice casserole.  What I did do was sit down on the floor and play with the boys.  Thing One had loudly, and excitedly, announced that he was going to make "toys cookies."  

Every once in a great while I do worry about what effect it has on him to be home with his mother all day long,  but then I see his rampant love for all things motorized, and I don't worry anymore.  Besides, it's good for young men to know how to cook and clean.  It builds character and rounds out the personality, as well as allowing for greater independence later in life.  So, I'm very pleased that Thing One is taking this so seriously, even if he is only playing.    And I'm sorry about the quality, Thing Two tried to help me!



  1. :-D It's a good thing there is no charge for awesomeness.


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