The Surviving-the-Fast Feast

I'm sitting in the library, and I'm finally well enough to write.  Sometimes being pregnant isn't very practical.  I do like that there are a bunch of natural remedies for all that I'm having trouble with, and wroth a little searching I've found the stuff that tastes good. 

I like to joke that the reason I get pregnant is so I don't have to fast during Lent.  Now, here I'm going to assume that most of my readers have some understanding of Lent and how Catholics celebrate it--if you are confused please leave a comment and I'll do my best to explain, or get Nick to explain it.   So Ash Wednesday came and I didn't worry too much.  I ended up making macaroni noodles with meat sauce for dinner, but I needed something to eat while it was cooking. 

By some good fortune we had tortillas and mozzarella cheese, and the red sauce I was working on for dinner.  It was so simple.  I mixed a little sauce with some garlic and herbs, and spread it on two tortillas.  Thing One declared he wanted a plain tortilla and wouldn't let me touch his.  That was fine, I could add some toppings then!  I chopped some onions and mushrooms and put them in the microwave with some butter for three minutes.  While that was cooking I grated the cheese,  Thing One helped with that.  Cheesed and topped, I put the pizzas in the oven.  They only took about ten minutes. 

I showed one to Thing One when the pizzas were done, his only response was a very clear, "I don't like mushrooms."  I was turn between shrieking with laughter and indignantly telling him that this one was for Daddy; I can't remember which I actually did. 

I ate mine then, and had pasta later; Nick had his just after midnight when he got home from work.  My idea was that he would have something special waiting for him when the fast was over. 

I must go stop Thing One from destroying the library.  Ciao!