Lunch, Take One.

I feel like I've been gone forever; I've been so tired it's been hard for me to concentrate on the internet.  That, and last week I was on vacation.  We went to my parents house for the weekend, and then the boys and I spent a few days with Nicole before coming home.  Then it took me the rest of the week to recover. 

I had a major victory this morning.  Since our vacation the boys have been getting up much earlier than they used to, and going to bed earlier.  We got up this morning and went shopping. I picked up a butternut squash (which we had while we visited Nicole) so I should have at least one post on that soon, and I found two packages of steak on sale.  Real steak, thick and juicy, almost as large as my skillet, and going for only $3 a pack.  I put one in the freezer, and cooked the other for lunch. 

I fried the steak in a little oil, with salt, pepper and dill; and julienned carrots and onions.  I also put some potatoes into the microwave for a quick bake.  I ended up cutting the steak into thirds so that Nick would have something to take to work after we had eaten. 

Now I should go lay down, before Thing Two decided that his nap is over and they both sneak outside again!