Pineapple Cake

I know that I've been promising this one for weeks now, and I'm finally up to writing it.  We had another baby appointment this week, and we talked a lot about why I'm so very tired and what to do about it.  We agreed on some natural remedies before I get tested and see any specialist.  I'm on the second day and already feeling so much better.  I was able to wash dishes and make cookies today--and it's not yet dinner time.  However, this post will be short because I have to go out and vote, and the boys should play outside before the sun sets. 

A quick note about the cookies:  I haven't made these since before Christmas, and I'm almost surprised that I remember how.  I made them because we are going on a trip this weekend and I want some protein filled travel foods.  And, since it is Lent, I added a pinch of salt--a pinch is all it takes to adjust the flavor; it's more appropriate for Lent. 

So, the cake.  There is a small story behind it.  I was dealing with some pretty bad exhaustion, and a syndrome called "Mommy-Brain" which is compounded by the pregnancy.  I knew that Nick's birthday was in a few days, but I had no idea why I was so insistent on making a cake.  I was also really wanting pineapple.  Nick had bought such a luxury, but when I got it out I found that it was shredded, not chuncked.  That's a little harder to eat as a snack so I asked Thing One if he wanted to help me make a pineapple cake.  He was excited and while I was googling a recipe, he dumped the entire can into the mixing bowl.

I found this recipe here, and it was so simple.  Thing One had much fun helping me mash the bananas and stir in the flour.  I did cut down the amount of sugar in half, and the only nuts I had were slivered almonds,  which tasted fine.  I had to dig out my bunt pan--it came in a set of bake ware that we got as a wedding gift but never opened.  The pan is about ten inches, and a heavyweight, Teflon coated spring form thing--it was about the only thing that would have fit as much batter as this recipe made!  So if you do make this, get a big bunt pan, or have two on hand. 

I did take pictures, but I can't find them anywhere.  I'm sorry.  And I've been too tired to take any recent pictures of the boys.  But now that I'm starting to feel better, I should be taking more pictures and writing more often.