The Butternut Squash

I know I've been promising to write about what I did with the Butternut squash that I bought a few weeks ago, and I'm finally getting around to it. After I had roasted it I scooped all the meat out and mashed it with butter, salt and pepper. I had big plans to do stuff with it and even googled a bunch of recipes (I really want to try some of them someday, when I have more money). All I did this time was serve it mashed as a side dish, or just ate it when I needed something fast.

It was good all by itself, or served with fried liver and onions, like I did one day. The liver I just fried to crisp, and put salt and peppper on the onions. I had the squash and a baked potoato on the side. It was fast, and filling; and would have been cheaper if the squash had been in season.