Italian Pasta, and Trains

I had been feeling particularly bad one day, so Nick asked his mother if the boys and I could come over for a few hours. His brothers would watch the boys and I could get some much needed rest. We stopped by the library on our way there, and played for a little while. Thing One was reading Thomas the Tank Engine books and asked me to make a train out of the blocks they had there. He was upset about not being able to take it with us, but we did get the books.

I'd brought some food with us, and there was a lovely recipe on the back of the pasta box. I had the onions and a can of chopped tomatoes, the recipe also called for spinach, sausage and two types of cheese--none of which I had. I didn't plan on adding the sausage anyway because it was a Friday in Lent, and I figured it would be okay without the spinach and cheeses.

It was supposed to be a baked pasta dish, but I think that was just so all the cheese would melt into it. I just sauted it all together and it was just as good that way. One of my brothers-in-law was wondering if there was something other than tuna sandwiches that he could have for dinner, and I told Mom that if I could add some of her spinach to my pasta then he could have some pasta when it was done.

I also took the liberty of raiding her spice rack, and that worked because the rest of the brothers-in-law also ate the pasta. I added parsley, sage, thyme and garlic. I did not put any cheese on mine; I don't know if the boys put cheese on theirs. I enjoyed my pasta, and the rest I got.

Happy Easter!