Late Night Food

Well, it's been a while since I've posted something here. Partly because when I have thought about putting up a post I mentally chuckle at the insanity of doing eighty million things at once instead of the usual seven hundred ninety nine million. But I finally revived my desire to cook late at night and threw together one of the easiest stir fry dishes in human history.

I wish I had a garden to grow veggies in, but I must be content for the moment with frozen. All this recipe takes is a bag of frozen stir fry vegetables, pre-chopped and ready to fry, a third of a stick of butter, a little oil, a pack of imitation crab meat, a half spoonful of sugar, and soy sauce. Fry the veggies first to get them unfrozen, then add the crab meat, sugar, and soy sauce. Pour a dash or two of water in with it all to create a gravy of sorts in the bottom of the pan. Serve and enjoy!