A Long Forgotten Favorite

I'm feeling a lot better this morning, so my intention is to write a bunch of things and set them to post automatically throughout the next few weeks or so. Besides, I've actually taken pictures of what I've been cooking and have a bunch of recipes backed up. So here goes!

Back in Feburary I had a craving for some pasta with alfredo sauce. A good alfredo sauce has always been one of my favorite things. When I was working at my last resturaunt job I was constantly experimenting with various vegetables in pasta alfredo. I think one of my best was an horseradish alfredo with roasted asparagus wrapped in proscuitto--soo good! But asparagus is a hit or miss vegetable, and it missed with most of the staff.

Since I left the resturant I've forgotten how to make alfredo sauce. I've been sad about that for the past four years. I finally got it right! I started with nearly half a stick of butter, and lightly sauted some chopped onions, garlic and sage. When the onions were starting to turn brown I added what must have been three cups of milk. I had to use a lot because I had a lot of pasta. I did not let the milk boil, I'm not even sure it simmered for very long, but when it was heated up I added a third of a cup of sifted flour and whisked it in very well. After another minute on the heat it was thick enough. I added the pasta back in with salt and pepper and kept it on the heat just long enough for everthing to be warm all through.

I served it with some carrots and green beans that simmered in salt water, and pork with a sweet and sour sauce (and I forget how I made that, I was focusing more on the alfredo).

We had gone out to the park earlier that day, and stopped for something cold on our way home. Thing One had a dollar that he earned so he could buy some ice cream. He picked out a massive freezer pop, and he was good enough to share it with his brother. They were purple for hours!



  1. I love seeing your posts. They always make me smile.

  2. Aww, so sweet! Glad you're feeling well enough to write up some posts again!


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