Gardening, 101

The day before my birthday I planted a garden.  Just a simple, small thing; for different vegetables and one flower.   Nick and I have done some research on permaculture and companion planting, and I did the garden with those on mind.  The carrots next to the tomatoes and peas, the peas next to the cucumbers--which will grow in the shade of the tomatoes, and marigolds to control the pests and attract bees.  And guess what, since I planted it's only stopped raining on the weekends! 

The boys and I have been going a little stir crazy because we haven't been able to play outside much, and I'm sure that that's been hard for Nick.  He's been wonderful about it though, and lets us go to the indoor play places.  I haven't been too sick with this round of storms, just enough to keep me from doing everything I need to do.  Like write, and advertise for my shop.  But I can tell that the weather is changing, in spite of all this rain, because I am gradually less sick with each storm. 

I needed a soup for dinner today.  It stated with the recipe on the back of a box of ranch powder.  The recipe was for ranch roasted vegetables, just toss assorted chopped veggies with some oil and the ranch powder, and bake.  I was going to do that, and remembered that I still had some chicken in the freezer.  Then I thought that the broccoli I had was not going to go well with the ranch, not roasted.  So I was just going to use some oil and spices, when I remembered that I had some chicken broth in the freezer too. I threw it all together in a casserole dish and baked it till the potatoes were done, about forty minutes I think. It was kind of like a good roast beef, with chicken instead of beef, and enough broth to justify serving it in a bowl--which I did. 

This is a picture of the boys when they had some M&M's, I thought Thing Two looked like a chocolate vampire.