Saturday Night Fever

Well, almost.  We had fevers earlier this week; we're recovering now.  We traveled up to visit my family for Memorial Day, and got sick when we returned.  That put a damper on all of my plans for the week, several of which included writing posts about recipes that I've made in the past few weeks.  I'm glad we're getting better and life can return to some kind of normal.

At some point (I forget when) my mom gave me her automatic pasta maker; everyone was going through diet changes at the time, my parents were cutting back on the starches and I must have been pregnant and eating a bowl of pasta every day. After a few years, I finally pulled it out of the closet.  I've used it once before and had an understanding of the recipe and the technique.  Over the past few weeks I've been under the impression that it would be better to start making my own staple foods, like pasta; besides the crazy feelings of needing to actually do something productive. 

I was pleased when I looked at the recipe book and found that the basic recipe only serves two people.  That means I can make as much or as little pasta as I want at any given time. And, after completing my first batch, I found that if it's not enough I can make more in the blink of an eye.  And Thing One had the most fun helping me.  He was literally bouncing with excitement and hugging me every two minutes. 

The only drawback I found is that it makes really thick and heavy noodles, and I'm not sure if that is the recipe or the machine.  I'm going to search online and see if there is a recipe for that specific machine that makes lighter pasta.  The basic recipe doesn't have much flavor, but there are recipes for different types and I'm excited to try a spinach fettuccini or tomato pasta!  I'd give you the recipe, but I've got the bad feeling that it is specific to this particular machine; and if you have the machine then you've probably got the same book I was reading from today. 

Thing One just came up to me and said he had a crack in his tummy.  I told him to eat his noodles, and they would fill the crack and it wouldn't hurt anymore.  Sometimes he really doesn't get the whole needing to eat thing.  Anyway, for my first batch (and more for Thing One) I made Fusilli and served it with a plain tomato sauce.  Hopefully in the future I'll have some interesting recipes for pasta!



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