Cookie Day!

One of my Pintrest discoveries was the blog, The Burlap Bag.  They have a store, somewhere far from me, and feature a lot of DIY options for the home as well as a few recipes.  The most recent was the recipe for these cookies

It's a good thing I found that recipe, and that it was so very easy to make.  And that I happened to have some bananas in the freezer.  Today has been one of those days where the boys will only condescend to eat cereal and yogurt.  So I had Thing One mix these cookies, and he got two when they were done.  I told him he could have more if he finished a small bowl of rice first.  

Parenting lesson #425:  Bribery is not a sin; use it wisely, and often.   The only problem we ran into was that he said he was full half-way through his rice and that he didn't want cookies anymore.  And it's not like he's really ruining his dinner or eating badly if he has these cookies instead of dinner, so I don't feel to badly about leaving them out for the both of them to grab later.  The only tweaking I did to the recipe was to add roughly 1tsp of nutmeg and 2tsp of cinnamon, and Thing One insisted on adding a spoonful of honey.  If we kept bananas and instant oatmeal in stock I'd probably let him make a batch every day.  I'd also add chocolate chips, if we had them. 



  1. I saw that cookie recipe on The Burlap Bag, I want to try it sometime!
    OH my gosh. Thing One is getting so big, to help make a batch of cookies!

    xoxo to Thing One :D

    1. He has been helping me cook and wash dishes since he could climb up to the counter. It was either teach him how to do it right or watch him get burned. But I figure he'll be very helpful in another year or two!

    2. Awww...Well that's nice, He will definitely be more of a help in a few years!

  2. Hey there Elizabeth! Thanks for sharing our cookie recipe :)

    The Burlap Bag

  3. I'm new to your blog and can't wait to try this!


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