The Incredible, Edible Egg!

My raw ingredients, I added bacon, a mushroom,
cheese and some zucchini.
Finally, a post about food again.  When I was younger my mom figured out how to microwave an egg.  It doesn't sound that hard, but it was a matter of timing; long enough to cook the egg through but not so long that you could re-tire your car with it.  We also figured out a few important things: 1) you must grease the bowl! 2) if you don't break the yolk you will spend the rest of the day scrubbing the microwave.  This knowledge has been one of my saving foods this month.  I have made so many egg sandwiches to get me through half of the day that it might be worth it to buy a chicken!

Nuked Omelet!
You need a small microwave safe bowl, generally the kind you put cereal in.  And you do need to grease it!  Just a light coating of oil (I've not tried butter) all around the bottom and up the sides.  Then you crack the egg into it and break the yolk.  Add whatever spices you like, and if you're going for more of an omelet then mix in whatever toppings you like--I suggest you mix them thoroughly into the egg otherwise it will cook unevenly.

Then into the microwave.  One egg takes about one minute, but I recommend that you do it in at least two segments of about thirty seconds (two eggs takes about two minutes and again, cook it by that half-minute).  Microwave it on a medium for the first half minute, and then scrape the sides of the bowl with a fork, just to check the underside.  If it's not done (I know cooking times and power levels vary from machine to machine) then put it back in for another half a minute.  Do have it covered when you cook it--eggs like to explode in spite of everything you do to prevent it. 

Almost as easy as a pop-tart, and more filling!
Gently scrape the egg out with a fork (although I guess a spatula would work, I'll have to try it) onto your sandwich.  If you like cheese you can add it to the egg, or you can put it on the bread and it'll melt when you put the egg on it.  What I really like about this method is that the egg won't fall apart on you when you eat it.  Everything stays nice and compact in your hand.