Simple Dinners. . . .

Dinner tonight was a simple affair, it had to be.  Both boys have mild ear aches/infections.  I think the worst part is over, we're all just very tired and they want to do nothing but cuddle with me.  Nights have been the worst, Thing One has been waking up every twenty minutes to cry--in spite of everything we do.  But they both went all day today without medicine and have been eating, so we're getting there.  

The three of us napped today for about two hours, and then we made it outside.  I pulled the last of the carrots from the garden while the boys just absorbed the fresh air.  Then we came in and I made dinner.  I decided that I was going to have roast beef with vegetables.  I threw a potato in the microwave (I do not like potatoes in my roast beef) so I'd have a baked potato.  Then I sauteed some broccoli, half an onion and a handful of the carrots I'd just pulled.   When the vegetables were done I threw in a five ounce can of beef with gravy (I get those at the dollar store for when I need a fast and easy protein meal). 

The carrots had a tangy flavor that became sweet when cooked in butter, and they were so good with the beef.  Thing One really wants to eat all of the carrots, but I told him that we do need to save some for Daddy, and some for tomorrow.  Although, right now he's saying that he's tired and asking me to sit on the couch with him.

Happy Harvest!