The Beginning of Autumn Foods

I gave in and made myself a pumpkin pie spiced latte today.  It's the second one that I've had this season, and technically it's still summer.  But there have been so many pumpkin recipes on Pintrest, and I'm really, really starting to like Autumn.  Besides, I'm still pregnant, and to some extent can have what I want.  Sort of.   

Anyway, I actually followed a recipe this time for my pumpkin creamer (look here!!).  It's kind of the same thing that I did last year, I'm not sure if I told you about that adventure, except last year I simmered it.  Apparently cooking the creamer isn't necessary.  Makes it that much easier!  I also did not add the sugar to this creamer;  I'm still trying to limit my sugars, so it's better to have the creamer sugar-free and just add it to the coffee as needed.  Oh, I forgot the vanilla.  It tastes fine without it.  Last year my pumpkin creamer kept in the fridge for just under a week, and I had to shake it well every time I wanted to use it.