The Beginning of Lent

I'm ashamed to say it, but we began Lent by taking down our Christmas tree. We had taken the decorations down a few weeks ago but we hadn't gotten around to putting the tree away. I figured that that would be a good say to start Lent. 

And then I got out a box for the things that we will donate after all of our cleaning.  I also started going through the storage closet and putting stuff on the box.  I came to the realization that in addition to having a shoe fetish I may also have a coat fetish. I put half of what I had had into the box, and it still feels like I have too many. But I like the ones that are still hanging there. 

After that I fixed the lamp in the boys room.  In the past few years they had managed to break it (although it still works), and I was never fond of the design.  So these are the before and after pictures.

We'll have more on what we're doing as the season progresses.