Hello Again!

Well, hello again. It's been a while since I've written anything; we've had quiet a few busy years. I know that we said we were transfering to a new domain, and that didnt go as planned.  But now I finally feel like writing again. And we still have this blog. So. . . . You get to have more of my ramblings, photos, and recipes. And I'm still working on pulling together a cookbook of all of the favorite recipes, so please comment and let me know what you'd like to see in a book!

There will be more picutes when I figure out how
get them off my phone. 

When we left I think Mimi the Cute was just over a year, and Nick had written a short story involving her and her brothers, Thingus Maximus and Thingus Minimus. In the interm we have bought our very own castle and gardens, gotten an adventure kitty for the boys to take hunting, added the princess Ellie the Adorable, and are awaiting the arrival of a fifth royal child.

There have been literary endevors, culminating so far in Nick's first full length novel (find it here http://thesubversiontrilogy.blogspot.com ). There have been health issues, involving midnight ER trips with all the kids in tow, and leading us into the relm of gluten free cooking. There has been a first lost tooth, first bikes (and first removing training wheels), Sunday School, gymnastics, first grade, and bunk beds.

And there are many, many more plans and ideas in the works. There are rumors of kittens, more books (Thingus Maximus is even working on story), and a gluten free chocolate zucinni cupcake recipe!

I'm not sure how often I'll be able to write, there are ongoing health issues on top of the pregnancy that are making it hard to get things done. Also, be patient with us as some of the side-bar things are outdated, we will get them fixed as soon as we can. And I will try to write down my thoughts, and share them.