Princess Ellie and the Eats

I happen to think that our youngest daughter is the cutest thing in the world. I mean, they are all cute, and were more so at her age, but there is something about her that seems to be a little different. Maybe she had a sparkle in her eye that her siblings didn't get, or something. In her own quiet way she is going to be just as much trouble as any of them. But here is a run-down of her summer, from her first birthday to our first pumpkin (there are a lot of firsts). 

Her birthday giraffe, and probably her first waffle. 

I figured it was her birthday, she could have some whipped 
topping right from the can.

It was empty. She rescued it and tried to get every last puff.

A wonderful little pizza shop/free library up the road. If any of
y'all come to visit you need to stop there!

Working lunch with Daddy. 

Not that she has a sweet tooth or anything. 

Our first popscicles of the year, a blend of yogurt and 
strawberries, made in ice cube trays. 

On a visit to Granny and Pappy's house we had the chance
to go strawberry picking. The kids probably ate as 
many as we brought home. 

Her first piece of bacon. 

I did not enhance this in any way, her eyes are really that blue. 

Nick had his tonsils out, and was supposed to eat lots of soft foods. The 
kids were all thrilled to finally have a reason for pudding. 

Dual wielding pizza crusts. 

First taste of nori. She had to fight the other three off
so that she could eat all of hers. 

I wouldn't let her carve a pumpkin with everyone, so she sat with the
adventure kitty, just looking at the world.