Gaudete Sunday, and More Thoughts

I made steak fried noodles for dinner yesterday, and when I looked over and saw this. My steak thief is not as little as he used to be. It was a good day; everyone played quietly while I cooked and Nick took a nap. Because it was Sunday I plugged in the Christmas tree and turned on some Christmas music.  Today it is raining, I'm drinking tea with some gf crackers, and the kids are watching a movie.

The steak fried noodles turned out really good, but you'll have to ask Nick for a recipe. I never saw it, but I watched him and I can estimate enough to make it work.

Ellie just spilled her tea, and is cleaning it up. I love when they're still young enough to think that cleaning is fun. The other three won't clean to save their lives. Today we got rid of our adventure kitty because it has become too difficult to take care of her while I'm pregnant, and we don't expect that to get easier after the twins are born.

Twins. I'm still not quiet used to that idea. Not twin babies, but the birth of twins really. I'm about 33wks along, and they say that most twins are born around 32-33wks. And there are more risks involved. After taking everything into account we are scheduling our first hospital birth. I'm not sure how I feel about that; especially since this is the same hospital where Nick went through chemo. That just adds an air of greater seriousness. But I don't think I'm afraid of the hospital.

I keep thinking that I should write something about Advent while expecting twins, but I don't know what. I haven't been sleeping well this whole pregnancy and need a nap. But I am doing better since last week, after I fell. I did that getting out of the tub. I wasn't hurt too badly, and the babies weren't hurt at all. But I did want to see a chiropractor just to make sure that my injuries were minor. Not only were they minor and he did fix them, he was able to use some sports therapy tape and pull the babies weight off of my hips so I can walk like a normal person again. I will be thanking God for that small blessing until the twins are born.

I guess that's really one of the biggest things to remember, especially while preparing for Christmas--the small things in life. To be thankful for the everyday blessings (like Ellie getting over her cold), and that being a Christian means being compassionate to everyone, starting with your family.


  1. My goodness!! I cannot believe I've just stumbled upon such an incredible time in your life from clicking a link in a banana-oatmeal cookie recipe that brought me to this post. How wonderful to be having twins at Christmas, I wish you and your family all the best and the swiftest recovery to you after the twins come! :D

    1. Thank you for the kind thoughts! Our twins were actually just born yesterday, January 10th, we will be posting pics shortly.


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