Holidays and Birthdays: A Life Changing Photo Reel

The holidays have come, and mostly gone. And, this year, things will never be the same. I guess things never are, from year to year; and things that only happen once, like the eldest turning seven and new babies, are certainly life changing. 

Thingus Maximus made this during Advent. I
did not put it away with the Advent decorations. 

We made Christmas cookies for the first time in a few 
years. Elly just wanted the sprinkles.

Daddy is the best daddy ever!

A little partied out. 

Beginning our New Years Eve gaming tradition!

The birthday boy making his own birthday brownies. 

Adventures in the Fluff Forest!

Birthday bonfire, with hot dogs and marshmallows. 

Singing "Happy Birthday"

The twins. I think we're going to let them get home, settle in, and
see how they interact with everyone before we introduce
in the story part of the blog.