In Brief

Oh golly, I started this post a few days ago in my head, but when I tried to write it my tablet was updating something. And now I forget most of what I wanted to write. Life continues to be rough in the extreme, but it is also wonderful. And we have apples on our trees!

Thingus Maximus made his First Communion this year,
and everyone is so happy for him. On the way home after Mass Nick overheard him telling Minimus about what the best thing of the whole day was. Minimus asked if it was the presents or the cake. Maximus replied, "No, it's that Jesus came into my heart!"

We all got sick this spring. the twins had rsv and the rest of us got a bad stomach bug. The doctor said it was understandable that they started loosing weight, although it was making him worried. So we switched them to formula and everyone is happier. They gained a bunch of weight, and once they got used to taking bottles the stress level went down a little. Octavius started rolling over, and Jaques might be teething. They are both laughing and smiling a lot.

Everyone else is growing and learning and being adventurous. Elly the Adorable turned 2, and has enough attitude that she might be worth all of the other five together. Mimi the Cute will be 4 later this year and she's turning out to be more of the healer/scholar than an adventurer. Max and Min are artists, going through a ream of paper every month, as well as hundreds of craft sticks, cardboard, glue and tape. The music that runs through our days is the Star Wars theme (hummed by the mostly tone deaf) and lightsaber creation happens daily.  This summer promises to be the most adventurous yet!



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