The Adventure of an Afternoon

It was a bright and sunny day in the kingdom, and the annual kite festival was scheduled for that afternoon. The Royal Children were all in a frenzy to finish their various tasks before they were allowed to attend.

The Royal Princesses were busy coloring their paper kites and plotting how to get more than their allotted amount of ice cream.


Maximus and Minimus had the very important duty of checking the  Royal Apple Trees for blossoms, and were already eagerly anticipating when they could eat their first apples. 

The Royal Twins were supposed to be posing for the new Sphinx balustrades for the grand staircase, but Octavius was refusing in favor of a nap. 

As the afternoon wore on a great cloud rolled in.

Night came early, and deeper than most nights.
And the North Wind whispered of a new villain rising in the shadows...